Doing Brunch in Style in The City of Denver

Brunch has become a tradition in Denver, with people willing to line up for long waits for tables and food at some of the hottest restaurants, cafes, and bistros in the region. The personal tastes of the Denver crowds can be quite eclectic, and just as diverse are the styles of food and cuisines offered for weekend brunch.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best restaurants offering stylish brunch menus that are worth the wait (and sometimes the drive) in Denver:

Duo Restaurant

This restaurant came in at the start of the farm-to-table movement and has even been named by Huffington Post as “One of the Five Best Restaurants for Locavores in Denver.”

Beside the freshness of the food that you’re served is the variety of flavors. A particular favorite is the brisket skillet (smoked brisket with eggs, gouda, roasted red peppers, and crispy potatoes). Brunch here has become so popular that they had to expand it. Starting in 2019, they are adding Friday brunch as an option.

Sam’s No. 3

If you’re in the Central Business District and looking for a HUGE brunch meal, check out Sam’s No. 3. While this is an American diner with the traditional breakfast options all week long, you can find lots of Mexican and Greek dishes as well on the menu. They’re also famous for their giant burritos, including breakfast options. Just make sure to get it covered in their famous green chili and cheese.

Pony Up

If you’re interested in a French Dip sandwich that’s jazzed up, check out Denver’s Pony Up. This restaurant features specialty dip sandwiches like the Saigon, with lemongrass pork and jalapeños along with spicy mayonnaise and pho broth instead of the traditional au jus. But what really makes their brunch different is the wide selections of champagne they offer and the fact that on Sundays you can get champagne discounted 50%.





For those looking for adult libations in the morning to kick off your brunch, check out Linger’s Corpse Reviver 2 ½ (with gin, ginger liqueur, Lillet Blanc, and absinthe). While there, try some of their exquisite brunch specialty foods such as chorizo tacos (with egg, cotija cheese, and avocado) or the breakfast banh mi (with Mongolian BBQ duck and plum pork belly). If you prefer a sweet brunch, try their homemade donut holes or pineapple wontons.

These four restaurants feature just a sampling of the dozens of restaurants offering stylish and decadent brunch items in the Denver area. Any one of these (or the others) is sure to have your weekend kicked off just right.