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We had to find a high-profile location in Denver that would support a 65,000sf – 100,000sf arts venue designed to entertain every age group from every socioeconomic demographic on the planet. In addition, it had to be in a very high profile location with an abundance of parking, and be within walking distance to the property.  This arts venue will open in 2020, and residents and tourists of the State of Colorado will be propelled into a new dimension that has been carefully crafted by local artist and masterminds from Santa Fe known as Meow Wolf.


Finding a property that fit these parameters in an incredibly programmed City like Denver was no easy task. We first dissected the downtown market into its submarkets and established where The City came from and evaluated where it was most likely to grow over the lifespan of the lease term our clients wanted. We then leveraged every relationship we had in the public and private sectors of the industry, and made a public movement out of our search. The plan was for Denver to be the first City in the US to announce Meow Wolf’s first expansion of many more to come. We then issued 6 RFP’s out to property owners who checked all the boxes we were looking for, and four (4) out of the six (6) responded with competitive interest. A second and third round of diligence eventually landed our team at a location that was to later become the Southern barbell end of The River Mile project by Revesco. The River Mile project will likely become Denver’s next City Center in the years to come and our clients will reap the benefits for years to come.


Our clients have amazing visibility right off of I-25, next to Invesco Field, home of the Denver Broncos. Other synergistic nearby venues are The Children’s Museum, Denver Aquarium, and The Pepsi Center where the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets play. Adding to this amazing synergy, Elitch Gardens will remain in place as a theme park for the foreseeable future, and as part of our lease negotiations we secured the ability for Meow Wolf the parks dark ride for the 2019 park season. Meow Wolf Elitch Gardens Kaleidoscape Dark Ride City bike paths, and a non-profit family train run adjacent to the location which connect the site to The Confluence, and Downtown Denver. This location not only checked every box we needed it to, it also came with more than a few extras that resonated with our Tenants because it fully immerses them into the City landscape where they can have a tremendous positive impact on our local community. In 2020 Colorado residents and tourists alike will have a new iconic venue that they can explore and immerse themselves into until they get lost in their own minds.  Meow Wolf, and Revesco Properties, with the help from local architects, Shears Adkins Rockmore, are rewriting the skyline for future generations to enjoy.

Working with Mike is a pleasure. He’s attentive and nuanced in his approach to making deals, and also good at cutting through the noise and finding solutions.

Meow Wolf Denver 2020

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