The Terrorium Shop

3611 West 49th Ave. Denver, CO 80221

Buyer: The Terrorium Shop


We recently had a client approach us to find a lease opportunity for their startup floral shop. Several challenges immediately presented themselves:

  • As a new business owner, they were operating on a tight budget and most available properties were out of their price range.
  • The space they required (less than 600 sf) was smaller than most opportunities available in the market.
  • Due to the nature of the business, the client required an excessive amount of natural light to enter the building’s interior.


Because the client operates a physical retail establishment, it was important that they remain proximal to where their customer base lives. Working together, we were able to identify several less expensive markets that worked within their budget and kept them close to their customer base.

Based on experience, we decided to look mainly at older buildings. Through many past deals, we’ve learned that older buildings often have smaller retail spaces than more contemporary establishments.

By focusing on properties built between 1890 – 1960, we were able to identify a building that offered a large south-facing storefront – allowing the client all of the natural light they required. In addition, we were able to negotiate for a skylight as part of the lease.


Through creative thinking and perseverance, we identified a great turn-of-the-century building in the Regis neighborhood. Even though this is an up and coming area, the price was still well within the client’s budget.  The property met their size requirements and also gave them the desired amount of natural lighting. In the end, we got the client exactly what they asked for in less than 30 days after we entered into the partnership.

Alex was great to work with. He was always easy to get ahold of when we needed to discuss anything with him, and when negotiations became stressful, he did an amazing job at keeping the deal on track so that we could close in the efficient manner we always hoped to.

Amber Hagaeli

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