Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth in Denver

Denver has grown nearly 20 percent in the last decade, bringing many sweet shops, bakeries, and cafés to our community. Finding a new dessert to adore has never been easier. Take a delectable tour with us as we explore a few of the Denver establishments known best by locals to satisfy even the sweetest of eaters.

Habit Doughnut Dispensary

Creating delicious confectionaries from the minds of their chefs, Habit Doughnut Dispensary serves up the most imaginative doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and more. Adding a shot of whiskey or a cup of coffee to your sweet treats is how this shop, located near 15th Street and I-25, rolls.

Little Man Ice Cream

Opening in 2008, this milk-jug shaped shop serves up homemade ice cream among other handcrafted sweet treats. Tributing the early 1900s era roadside monument to create a whimsical space to enjoy eating fresh ice cream, Little Man Ice Cream is a favorite among the locals and visitors alike. Follow the waffle cone aroma to the towering 28-foot tall cream can off of I-25 and 15th Street.

Beet Box

If you’re looking for vegan desserts, Beet Box is the place. On the corner of Park Avenue and North Downing Street, this shop bakes up delicious, from-scratch vegan selections of pastries, breads, cakes, sandwiches, and more. Also featuring many gluten-free options and using whole ingredients in creative ways, Beet Box is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Milk & Cake

Just off of Hampden Avenue and I-25, Milk & Cake features a complimentary mix between a treat factory and self-serve yogurt bar. Not only serving up indulgent frozen yogurts, sorbettos, and ice cream along with decadent brownie-cakes and cupcakes, Milk & Cake also gives back to their community through local elementary schools. After all, what brings more of a smile from a sweet treat than helping others in need.

Reunion Bread

From international novelty sweet breads, such as pateis de nata and New Belgium’s 1554 beer bread to traditional classics like sourdough baguettes, Reunion Bread bakes up flavorful treats daily. While delivering patrons a taste of the world, this bakery, located near 31 Street and Brighton Boulevard, has quickly become a local favorite.

Sweet Cooie’s

Home to one of the older ice cream and candy shops in the area, Sweet Cooie’s on 12th Avenue and Madison Street serves up mid-20th-century nostalgia with their homemade truffles and numerous frozen treats, including classic favorites, vegan options, and flavored sorbets. Malts, shakes, and floats are ready to bring you back to a time gone by, while their charitable endeavors focusing on food assistance and women’s education program are making a difference today.

Chocolate Lab

If your sweet tooth reigns supreme, Chocolate Lab uses local and sustainably sourced ingredients to create their meals, each paired with a touch of inventive chocolate add-ins such as shavings, drizzles, rubs, and sauces. Don’t stop at their delicious meals though. Chocolate Lab also features a cocktail bar and treats shop where chocolate lovers can indulge in their favorites or step out of the box and try the Lab’s latest concoctions and sweets.