Mike Carnes



“ I’m in the relationship business first, & the real estate business second. Everything I do to improve my professional life, I do so my relationships can benefit from a better ME”

Mike Carnes- the CEO and Partner of The Urban Collective is a dedicated and committed managing broker with over 16 years of area experience who consistently goes above and beyond for his clients. Mike has an easy-going style, contagious positive energy, and an unmistakable knowledge of the commercial real estate business. Mike has built an organization with substantial expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate. Focusing on strategic planning with the alignment of short and long term goals, Mike is determined and disciplined in company decision making. Mike oversees all daily operations and business activities ensuring they are consistent with The Urban Collective’s mission and overall strategy.

Within the past six-year span, Mike has transacted over $100,000,000 in deals in various markets throughout the US. With a highly qualified team under him, The Urban Collective is able to utilize their diverse market knowledge and experience and proven strategies to continue to grow profitably and further strengthen the company while helping implement Mike’s vision.

Mike Carnes
Philip D. Karagozian
General Counsel, Senior Advisor
Alex Munzel
Associate Advisor