Touring the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver

For over 20 years, the Art District on Santa Fe has been providing a community for Denver’s many artisans. From 13th to Alameda Avenues, East at Inca to Kalamath Street in the West, this neighborhood is packed full of shops, galleries, and restaurants working together to create unique spaces and fun events for Denver.

With most of the residential area built before the 20th century, its deeply immersed Latino heritage has become one of the larger artistic cultural areas in Denver. Just by touring the streets of the district, you can see why it has become an important and integral part of our city.


Galleries, art studios, and creative spaces line the streets of the district featuring many different forms of media, traditional and contemporary. The original Arts District on Santa Fe, The Artists on Santa Fe, provide tours of their studios and feature multiple works of sculptures, abstract paintings, jewelry, among other media from various artists.

Along similar educational lines, Art from Ashes provides creative programs for disadvantaged youth. Partnering with other youth agencies, they help these youth to find a voice to tell their own story through various artistic outlets such as poetry, drama and visual arts. Art from Ashes strives to bring the youth from trauma and low self-esteem to a state of self-empowerment


Gleaning from its roots, the Museo de las Americas preserves and exhibits a combination of ancient and contemporary artwork and educational experiences to guide the community in a better understanding of the Latino culture. Live Chicano and Latino shows can also be seen at the Su Teatro Cultural Performing Arts Center.

Many cultures are also represented in the district through its international eateries including the Jamaican Grill with its Caribbean selections, Arada Ethiopian Restaurant, and El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant. Black Sky Brewery and mmm…coffee! A Paleo Bistro also provides signature drinks to enhance the art enthusiasts’ district tour experience.


Out of Store

Setting itself apart from other areas, the district yields an attractive, vibrant feel viewed from the sidewalks as well. Street art and graffiti from painters like Belove vividly painted storefronts and brightly colored alleys, give the art district a sense of creative community even outside the stores themselves.

Watching the art culture unfold from the streets is as easy as glimpsing up into the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Colorado Ballet practice rooms, experiencing the pet-friendly Renegade Brewery and its nightly food truck choices, or relaxing while shopping decor at Art District Antiques.

First Fridays

While perusing the Arts District on Santa Fe is memorable any day, the district also provides an enhanced chance to walk the area and take in the lively culture all at once. From 5:50 PM to 9:30 PM every first Friday of the month, artwork can be viewed throughout the district.

Galleries and studios are opened, sidewalks and alleys are lined with art exhibits, and co-ops are showcasing artists. Food trucks, breweries, and restaurants are ready to welcome the many patrons who come for the experience.

No matter how you choose to take in the Arts District on Santa Fe, the sense of community its members have worked to establish is evident.