Winter in Colorado for Non-Skiers

When it comes to winter activities in Colorado, most people think about strapping on the skis or the snowboard and swishing down the slopes. Colorado does offer some of the world’s best skiing. However, there’s a whole lot more to this spectacular region than just skiing. Colorado is packed with plenty of activities and adventure that are fun for the entire family.

ICE SKATING – Colorado resorts are well known for being home to spectacular outdoor ice rinks. Whether nestled among local shopping hubs or in the midst of dramatic mountain views, ice skating offers fun for all activity levels. Many of the rinks are seasonal, and you are likely to find both twirling figure skaters and hustling hockey players.

TUBING – If you’d like the excitement of swishing down the slopes without skis, then bundle up and take advantage of the many tubing slides that are located at the resorts. Snow tubing is the perfect family activity since you often have the option to go down the hill as a group.

SLEDDING/SLEIGH RIDES – Whether you choose to be pulled by horses or lean more toward being propelled by dogs, Colorado provides ample opportunities to enjoy sleds and sleighs. When you choose horse-drawn rides, you can pair it with a romantic dinner or tour-type excursion. For adventure lovers, dog sledding is just the ticket.

FISHING – You may be familiar with Colorado’s legendary summer fly fishing. Winter offers a whole new set of opportunities as ice fishing abounds as well.

SNOWMOBILING – Colorado is well known to have some of the best trails in the world for enjoying the sport of snowmobile. Whether you want to go it alone or in a group, you are certain to find a snowmobile trip that matches your skill level and interests.

CROSS COUNTRY – When most of us think about skiing, we picture the discipline of Alpine skiing where you travel downhill. That is just one type of skiing, however. For those who love a slower pace where you can enjoy the scenery, cross country offers a great opportunity. Most of the developed resorts have access to well-marked and groomed cross country areas. If you like the pace of cross country but would prefer something different, snowshoes can be a great alternative.

FESTIVALS – From Ice Climbing to Ice Sculpting to Winter Carnivals, if you are in the mood to celebrate then you can find a festival in Colorado. To find an appropriate festival for your visit, search both general event lists for Colorado and individual calendars for the various resorts.

While the ski slopes are often the main attraction, there are plenty of winter activities for all ages, activity levels, and interests in Colorado. Regardless of what part of the state you are vacationing in, you are bound to find the perfect adventure.